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Penis Enlargement Medicine INDIA 2018

Penis Enlargement Medicine

Man always wanted to know the fact of Penis Size Enlargement Medicine, as there are thousands types of medicine available in the market, Specially in India where Ayurvedic & Unani Herbal Medicine are manufactured & used.
The truth is that most Penis Enlargement Medicine do not work & if it is not herbal can give you many side effect, So the market is always waiting for something which actually works & gives best permanent result without any side effect & medicine which can effectively enlarge Size of Penis by inches for life time.To fulfill the demand we have manufactured a special formulation for the people who want to enlarge their penis Size by REAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULE & OIL.

IH3 & IH4 which is trusted by millions of male worldwide for real penis enlargement.


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While ranking we considered Product Result, Price, Content, Natural, Side Effect, Country, Packing & Available Payment Options for India,
We found that IH3 & IH4 as Best Penis Enlargement Package available in India
  • 100% Herbal
  • No Side Effect
  • Fresh Ingriedient
  • Indian Made
  • Long Lasting Permanent Result
  • Cash on Delivery in India
  • Customer Care by Phone & eMail
  • Discrete Family Friendly Packing
  • Covering All Villages of India for Delivery

Great deals For Penis Enlargement Medicine


1 month

One Month

Package Contain
  • Penis Enlargement Capsules
  • Penis Massage Oil
  • All usage information
  • Packing & shipping
  • Help on phone
3 months

Three Months

Rs.3500 on bank payment
Package Contain
  • 3 months Penis Capsules
  • 3 Months Massage Oil
  • All usage information
  • Packing & shipping
  • Phone Support

Combo with NkStone

Package Contain
  • 1 month Penis Oil, Capsules
  • 40 time usage of Nighking Sex Delay Liquid
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  • More detail on Nightking

 IH3 Capsule IH4 Oil Review 

Ajay kumar

Deva Kumar

I was searching for enlargement medicine since a long that works,come to know about IH3 from a friends used & got inch result.


I tried many medicine & cream but none works like IH3 & IH4. Thanks for giving me such a good medicine at cheap prices.
penis enlargement medicine

Ram Kumar Jha

Due to masturbation my penis shrieked & i was avoiding marriage one of my doctor suggested to use IH4 & it works a great i am regular buyer of IH3 & IH4 now

J. Desouza

I am from Goa & looking for sexual time & organ enlargement, I order IH3 & IH4 along with Nightking at costly price but after result it looks very affordable.


My boyfriend penis was under normal i order for him in a months i started feeling result in his penis, Thanks for giving me real happiness.
penis size enlargement

Shahid Khan

I recommend to use it if you want some size gain in penis. My wife is fully satisfied with me now,You saved my marriage.

 What is IH3 & IH4?

IH3 is a penis size enlargement capsule that contains scientifically-tested, potent fresh indian herbal ingredients grown with care in natural environment, which is proven for enlarging the size of penis & increasing sexual stamina, While IH4 is a herbal oil to be massage on penis at night contain natural herbal oil which are used from centuries in India for male enhancement.
What benefits can i expect from your medicine?
Apart from many health benefits by taking IH3 the combination gives you
  • No side effects penis enlargement product
  • Penis increase by up to 2 inches
  • Enlarges penis girth by 20%
  • Increasing sexual libido
  • Powerful orgasm for both the partner
  • Self-confidence on bed
  • Getting rid of premature ejaculation
  • A stronger and more rigid erections
  • No Prescription
  • Cash on Delivery in India
It’s safe & effective. 

Safety and effectiveness set us apart from every other enhancement method. The natural herbal powder inside IH3 & IH4 work by increasing blood flow within the penis the area of the penis that controls penile girth (thickness). This increased blood flow stretches and enlarges those veins. In time, a thicker feeling head and shaft will result.
So how exactly does it work?
As the veins in your penis increase in size, your erections will become harder and easier to achieve. Many men who had impotence that previously could only be treated with prescription drugs have since found that regular use of our medicine has restored their ability to achieve and control natural erections.
The increase in blood flow and circulation will enhance sensitivity in nerve-rich head region of the penis. This increased sensitivity will lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms. Intercourse will feel better for both you and your partner.Unlike other penis enlargement medicine it is 100% natural & used in Indian from ancient time.

How to order IH3 Capsule IH4 Oil? 

Just fill up the for on the top & we will we get back to you for more info & how you can get the medicine to increase your penis size naturally.
Or you may call us at  7517750045 / 9975004541 / 9922094975

Do you have any extra discount? 

Yes, Based on your order we may give you some extra discount please call & talk with us now.

Reason to order from us.

Penis Enlargement Medicine Order



  1. is this medicine useful in hard and strong penis

  2. Yes it's really work, it's make my dick huge

  3. Yes it's really work, it's make my dick huge